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Court Approves J.F. Lehman & Company to Purchase PenAir Assets (10.5.18)

PenAir upcoming Schedule Change

Effective October 1, 2018, PenAir will be reducing air service between Anchorage and St. Paul from four (4) flights per week to three (3) fights per week. And reducing service to Dillingham from three (3) flights per day to two (2) flights per day.

Schedule Changes for St Paul, St. George & Dillingham


  • Depart Anchorage 1215 PM Arrive St. Paul 345 PM – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Depart St. Paul 415 PM Arrive Anchorage 815PM – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

We will NOT be operating November 28th and 30th due to the aircraft being out for a detailed maintenance check. We WILL be operating during Thanksgiving week.
Flight times for St. Paul may change once the DOT awards the Essential Air Service (EAS) to St. George.

Changes may occur as operational needs dictate.


  • Depart Anchorage 735 AM Arrive Dillingham 845 AM – Monday through Sunday
  • Depart Dillingham 925 AM Arrive Anchorage 1035 AM – Monday through Sunday
  • Depart Anchorage 420 PM Arrive Dillingham 5:30 PM – Mon/Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun (Direct Flights)
  • Depart Dillingham 610 PM Arrive Anchorage 720 PM – Mon/Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun (Direct Flights)
  • Depart Anchorage 400 PM Arrive Dillingham 510 PM – Wednesday and Friday
  • Depart Dillingham 550 PM Arrive Anchorage 755 PM – Wednesday and Friday (Triangle Flight thru King Salmon)

Changes may occur as operational needs dictate.

Due to the pilot shortages across the county, all regional carriers are being hit with crew challenges. PenAir initiated a strong recruitment campaign several months ago and continue to hire and train as quickly and safely as possible. We are confident we will be able to resume our schedule once our crew numbers permit.

In both cases with St. Paul and Dillingham, we are able to provide adequate service levels to each destination as determined from historical data.

PenAir suspends service to McGrath

PenAir’s last day of operation between Anchorage and McGrath will be September 28, 2018

If you are currently holding a ticket on PenAir for service after 9/28 you can either request a transfer of your ticket to a Ravn flight or PenAir will provide a full refund. If you are holding a ticket on Alaska Air you must contact Alaska directly and they will provide you the same offerings as PenAir.

If you have any questions what-so-ever please contact our Reservations department at 800-448-4226 or you can email us at

Thank you to the community of McGrath. PenAir has served this market since September of 1992. Many thanks to the community for their continued support and dedication.