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Travel Bank

What is Travel Bank

Travel Bank is an account that allows you to manage your credits with PenAir. It replaces Air Transportation Vouchers (ATV’s) that you may have received in the form of a paper voucher. If you received a credit from a PenAir flight, you would have also received an email with login information to access your Travel Bank Account.

To book and pay using Travel Bank Credits, simply login to your Travel Bank Account and book a flight on or by contacting PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226 for further assistance.

For Tickets purchased using Travel Bank Credits, when you change your travel plans and the ticket needs to be refunded or exchanged, the outstanding balance is credited back to the Travel Bank account.  Tickets purchased solely using Travel Bank Credits may be refunded and exchanged online.   *Applicable fare rules and conditions will govern reservation changes.* If you have used Travel Bank Credits and a credit card as combined payment for your ticket, please contact us at 1-800-448-4226 and we will assist you in processing your refund. Travel Bank Credits may only be combined with a credit card payment.

Refunds balances are credited to a Travel Bank account as ‘soft’ dollars that can only be used to purchase a new ticket anywhere PenAir flies except for flights to and from Dutch Harbor.

*Tickets purchased with Travel Bank credits are subject to the contract of carriage and to the applicable fare rules*

Travel Bank FAQ’s

Here you will find most frequently asked questions by our customers. Please contact us at 1-800-448-4226 if you have any further questions.

What is Travel Bank and why do I have one? Travel Bank is an online account that allows you to pay or partially pay for PenAir flights only. It replaces real cash and can be combined with credit card payments. When you receive compensation in the form of future flight credit from PenAir, an account is created for you to use anytime.

Where do I find my Travel Bank Account?  To access your Travel Bank Account, you need a PenAir ID or profile. When you’re paying for a flight, you’ll see Travel Bank as a payment option.  You may also click here to access your Travel Bank Account

How do I access my Travel Bank Account?  You will receive a welcome email from PenAir Travel Bank with your login information when an account is created for you. Use this login information every time you want to access your Travel Bank Account. If you have any trouble accessing your account, please contact PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226.

How do I get my Travel Bank ID and Password?  You will receive an email with your Travel Bank login details when an account is created for you. Retain this email for your records, and keep the account access information confidential as you would any other banking account to prevent unauthorized use of your Travel Bank Credits. If you need assistance accessing your account, please call PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226.

PenAir used to offer paper travel vouchers; have these been discontinued?  Yes, PenAir no longer provides paper travel vouchers; all travel credit offered is now accessed electronically through Travel Bank.

I have a paper travel voucher that I received previously. It has not been used and is not expired. Can I convert my paper voucher into Travel Bank Credits?  No. Existing paper vouchers cannot be converted to Travel Bank Credits. Please call PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226 to book a flight and present your paper voucher on the day of travel at your local ticket counter to redeem it.

What is the value of Travel Bank Credits?  The value of 1 Travel Bank Credit is equivalent to $1 USD when applied toward a ticket purchase on PenAir.

What can I use my Travel Bank Credits for?  Travel Bank Credits may only be used toward full or partial payment of flight bookings on PenAir only.

Can I use my Travel Bank Credits to pay for Service Fees?  No. Travel Bank Credits cannot be used to pay for service fees such as unaccompanied minor fees, baggage fees, pet fees, or change fees.

I need to change my flights. Can I use my Travel Bank Credits to pay for the difference in fare and change fees?  No. Travel Bank funds cannot be used to pay for change fees or any difference in fare when making changes to an existing ticket.

I forgot I had funds in my Travel Bank Account and I’ve purchased a ticket using my credit card/check/cash. Can you apply my Travel Bank funds to my purchased ticket?  No. Once your ticket has been issued, we’re unable to apply your Travel Bank funds toward that ticket. You may still use your remaining Travel Bank Credits to purchase another ticket for future travel on PenAir.

I have some Travel Bank Credits, but it is not enough to pay for the full amount of the ticket I’d like to purchase. Can I use a credit card to pay the remaining balance?  Yes, you may combine your available Travel Bank Credits with a credit card during the payment process. Simply apply your Travel Bank Credits first, and then enter the credit card information to cover any remaining balance due.

Can I use my Travel Bank Credits to purchase a ticket for another person?  Yes. You may use your Travel Bank Credits to purchase tickets for friends, family, or anyone other than yourself.

Can I transfer some of my Travel Bank Credits into another person’s Travel Bank Account?  No. Travel Bank Credits are not transferrable. You may purchase a ticket for another person using your account, but you are not able to transfer credits into their Travel Bank Account.

Do my Travel Bank Credits expire?  Yes. Most credits are valid for 365 days from the date of issuance. You are able to view each credit’s expiration date on your Travel Bank Statement. When you use funds from your Travel Bank Account, credits with the earliest expiration date will automatically be used first. Travel need not be completed by the credit expiration date; credits just need to be redeemed toward a ticket purchase before they expire.

Will I be able to extend my credits for future use before the expiration date?  Some credits may be extended for a fee which is deducted from your Travel Bank funds. Some credits are not extendable and must be used before the expiration date. To extend the expiration date on credits that may be extended, please contact PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226 and we will advise whether the credits are extendable or not. You must contact us before the credits expire; credits may not be extended if the expiration date has passed.

I’m having trouble accessing my Travel Bank Account online. How can I reset my password?  You can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password.” A link will be emailed to you with instructions on how to reset your password; however, the link will expire after 48 hours. Please contact PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226 if you need further assistance.

I have a new email address, can I reset my password using this new email address?  Password resets may only be completed using the original email address linked to your account. If you no longer have access to that email address, please PenAir Reservation 1-800-448-4226 to provide your new email address so that we may update your profile for you. For security purposes, we will be asking for identifiable information before any changes are made to your account.

I have multiple Travel Bank Accounts. Can I use them all at once?  No. You should have one Travel Bank Account under your name and are only able to use funds from one account at a time. If you have multiple accounts, please contact PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226 so that we may investigate and merge all your accounts under the correct name.

Each member of my family has a Travel Bank Account. How do we pay for one booking?  Each family member can use their Travel Bank Credits by booking individually on or by calling PenAir Reservation at 1-800-448-4226. You must book your reservations separately in order for each person to use their own Travel Bank Credits as payment for their ticket.

Travel Bank Terms and Conditions

*Travel Bank Credits cannot be transferred, sold, bartered, redeemed or exchanged except as permitted in these terms and conditions.

*Tickets purchased with Travel Bank credits are subject to the contract of carriage and to the applicable fare rules.

*Applicable fare rules and conditions will govern reservation changes

*Travel Bank Credits can only be used towards the purchase of new tickets anywhere PenAir flies except for flights to and from Dutch Harbor

*Travel Bank Credits can only be used to pay for tickets purchased directly from PenAir Website, PenAir Reservation, and or PenAir Ticket Counters

*Travel Bank balances cannot be redeemed through a travel agency, another airline, or any online travel source other than

*Travel Bank Credits cannot be used to pay for fees such as unaccompanied Minor fee, pet fee, or baggage fee

*Travel Bank Credits cannot be used to pay for change fees or difference in fare on exchanged tickets

*Travel Bank Credits may be used to purchase ticket for someone other than the primary account holder

*Travel Bank Credits can be applied to base fare and taxes

*Travel Bank Credits are issued in US currency

*Travel Bank Credits can only be combined with a credit card payment when purchasing ticket

*Refer to the rules of the ticket if a refund is desired.

*PenAir reserves the right to freeze or void any Travel Bank credits obtained through illegal or fraudulent channels or in a manner that violates the Travel Bank Terms and Conditions

*The PenAir online privacy notice applies to all Travel Bank transactions conducted online

*These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the extent permitted by law

*PenAir reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at their discretion