Travel Info

Tips for Travel

Check-In at Ticket Counter

All travelers must check in at the airport ticket counter with a PenAir Customer Service Agent. Please be aware of all check-in cut-off times to ensure you make your scheduled departure.

Confirmation Codes

Have your confirmation code handy to save time when you need to view or change your reservation online, over the phone or at an airport ticket counter.

When to Arrive at the Airport and Gate

Arrival times will be depend on the airport you are departing from. View the Airport Check-In page for specific information on your departing flight.

Travel Documents

PenAir requires each customer appearing to be over 18 years of age to present valid identification at the ticket counter or departure gate with a Customer Service Agent. Children under the age of 18 do not need photo ID while traveling domestically. See our Travel Documents page for more information.

Know the Baggage Rules

Our baggage rules and fees apply on flights operated by PenAir only. If your travel includes one of our airline partners or another airline you are traveling on, you may be subject to additional checked baggage restrictions or charges. Please see our Checked Baggage page for more information.

Carry-On Bags

Please see more regarding carry-on bags in the Bags in the Cabin section of our website.

Checked Baggage

Please see more regarding checked baggage in the Checked Baggage section of our website.

Keep Valuables in Your Carry-On Bags

Travelers should keep control of valuable and/or necessary items such as prescription medications, passports, cash, jewelry, cameras, business papers and other items by transporting them among their carry-ons.

Label All Bags (checked and carry-on)

In case of separation between you and your bag(s), having properly labeled bag(s) will assist in reuniting you with your bag(s). Travelers should provide a clearly printed bag tag on the outside of each item. A label on the inside is also recommended. Tags should include name, address, permanent phone number and a phone number at your destination. Tags for the outside of your bags are available at the airport ticket counter.

Holiday & Peak Travel

Please note that during the holidays and peak travel times volumes at various airports can be high. Please allow extra time to arrive and check-in at your airport. Be sure to make reservations and pet travel arrangements well in advance of travel.