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Check In & Boarding

Arriving at the Airport, Checking In & Boarding

Passengers must adhere to the check-in guidelines below. This prevents delays for you and other passengers, and allows us to better accommodate bags for the scheduled departure.


You may check-in online between 2 and 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, but you must print the boarding pass you receive via email. Boarding passes presented on mobile devices cannot be read by TSA scanners. TSA-approved boarding passes include:

  • Boarding passes printed at home (received via email)
  • Boarding passes received at the counter

Even if you have checked-in online you MUST check-in with a customer service agent at the ticket counter or gate as well. Why, you ask? With smaller regional carriers, we must still gather pertinent information from each passenger that is not requested via online. This information is needed to produce operations paperwork necessary for an on-time departure.


  • 90 minutes prior. We recommend you check-in at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Come early, relax and enjoy some down time.
  • 40 minutes and the counter closes. The PenAir ticket counter closes 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. We may be small but it still takes time. Give yourself plenty of time to stand in line prior to that 40-minute cut off.
  • 30 minutes and you must be in the gate area. Once checked-in, passengers must be through TSA and at the boarding gate available to board 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Being late may cause the cancellation of your reserved seats and/or your entire reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if a passenger is aware of a published delay, they must still check-in at the scheduled departure time not the newly published departure time. If you elect not to check-in at the “scheduled departure” time it may cause cancellation of your seat and/or your entire reservation.