PenAir does not accept guns or firearms of any kind in carry-on bags. PenAir accepts handgun/BB gun/rifle/shotgun-type firearms as checked baggage, with certain limitations and requirements.

Passengers must obtain and comply with regulations governing the transportation of firearms.

All firearms must be in a suitable rigid, crush-proof container manufactured specifically for firearms or in a hard-sided suitcase. Cases must be locked and only the passenger may retain the key or combination. Airline personnel will not unload or handle firearms. Firearms, ammunition, gunpowder or items that contain gunpowder (i.e. Christmas crackers/party poppers), mace, tear-gas and pepper spray cannot be packed in carry-on bags.

Firearm Packaging

Handguns must be unloaded and packed in a hard-sided, locked case or in a hard-sided container inside a soft-sided case, one of which is locked with a key or lock combination only in the traveler’s possession. Properly packaged handguns and small arms ammunition for personal use may be transported in checked baggage only.

Rifles, shotguns and other firearms must be unloaded and must be in a rigid container. No soft containers are allowed.

Rifles, shotguns and other firearms may not be carried by a passenger on an aircraft.

PenAir will not transport fully automatic weapons. Legally owned semi-automatic weapons may be transported when standard firearm guidelines are followed


Gun and ammunition may be in the same piece of baggage, however, ammunition must be in its own container.

PenAir limits each passenger to 50 lbs. of ammunition.

PenAir does not allow customers under age 18 to carry-on or check a firearm.

Firearm Declaration

Declare all bags containing firearms to the ticket agent when you check-in. Passengers must verbally declare firearm is unloaded and sign an acknowledgement verifying that the firearm is unloaded. PenAir requires a “firearm unloaded” tag to be signed by the passenger and placed inside of the baggage containing the firearm. No exterior tag or notice of the firearm may appear on the case.