Delayed Baggage

Baggage that is delayed or damaged should be reported to PenAir personnel, in person, before leaving the airport. If you did not file a claim at the airport, please contact your final destination airport within 24 hours of your arrival. For further assistance, you may also contact our regional baggage offices:

Flights in Alaska                           907-771.2615 Hours of Operation: Daily: 10:00am – 9:00 pm
Holiday hours may vary

Failure to submit a report of baggage damage or mishandling within 24 hours of arrival at your final destination may affect your eligibility for compensation.  If, in the unlikely case your luggage is still missing after 5 days or you have additional questions regarding delayed or damaged bags, please contact our Central Baggage Service office at 907.771.2697.

Please retain copies of your ticket, baggage claim check and any receipts you may have accumulated for expenses incurred relating to your claim.

Excess valuation/insurance can be purchased at the ticket counter upon check-in. Excess valuation can be declared at the time of check-in and purchased for $1.00 per every $100 dollars of declared value.

Except as otherwise required under the Montreal Convention for international carriage thereunder, the following items are not covered for loss or damage. Excess valuation/insurance is not available and cannot be purchased on any of the following items. These articles or similar valuable items are carried at your risk and should be paced in a carry-on bag if possible. Medication should always be in your carry-on bag.

• business equipment and commercial or sales samples

• cash, coins, securities or negotiable instruments

• chinaware, glass, ceramics, and pottery

• computer hardware, electronic components and equipment and mechanical items

• eyeglasses, binoculars, sunglasses and all other eyewear and eye/vision devices

• flowers, plants or food

• items made of paper (e.g., advertising displays, blueprints, maps, manuscripts, business/personal documents, historical documents, photos and books)

• jewelry

• keys

• liquids, perfumes, and alcohol/liquor

• medications (other than medication considered an assistive device under 14 C.F.R. part 382)

• photographic, cinematographic, audio and video equipment

• musical instruments (e.g., guitars, violins, cellos, organs, harps or drums)  natural fur products

• silverware, knives, swords, precious metals or stones

• tools (including battery powered hand tools), tool boxes or containers, and automotive components

• watches (timepieces)

• works of art such as paintings or sculptures

• any other similar high value, fragile or irreplaceable property