Sand Point

Passenger Service: PenAir offers scheduled passenger service four (4) days per week.
Airport: Sand Point Airport (State owned)
Distance from Anchorage = 554 miles
Approximate Travel Time = 2 hours 20 minutes
Runway(s): 5,213 ft. X 100 ft.

Sand Point, also known as Qagun Tayagungin, is a city in Aleutians East Borough, Alaska, United States. At the 2010 census, the population was 976. It is located on Northwestern Popof Island, one of the Shumagin Islands off the Alaska Peninsula. It is the borough seat of Aleutians East Borough and is located near the entrance to the Bering Sea.

The Aleutians East Borough School District is located in Southwestern Alaska along the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Chain. The District was formed in 1988 from smaller districts who consolidated and formed a Borough with taxing authority. The Borough and District boundaries are the same and stretch over approximately 15,000 square miles (39,000 km) of roadless, mostly treeless tundra from the middle of the Alaska Peninsula to the north and east, going southwest out to Akutan just east of Dutch Harbor.

Sand Point was founded by a San Francisco fishing company in 1898 as a cod fishing station and trading post. Aleuts and Scandinavians were among the early residents. Gold mining was briefly a part of the economy during the early 1900s. Fishing remains an important industry, as Sand Point is home to one of the largest fishing fleets in the Aleutian Chain.

Sand Point is a mixed Native and non-Native community. More than 50% of the permanent residents in Sand Point are known as Aleuts or Unangan. Every July the town hosts a Culture Camp in which Aleut traditions such as dance, sewing Aleut dresses, playing drums, building kayaks, knot tying and weaving are taught. Culture Camp has an Aleut language component built into the program.

Like most communities in the Aleutians, commercial fishing drives the local economy. The largest fishing fleet in the Aleutians is based in Sand Point. Trident Seafoods has a major Pacific cod, pollock, salmon and halibut processing plant and provides fuel and other services. Peter Pan Seafoods owns a storage and transfer facility. In 1991, New West Fisheries had a floating processor near the city dock for Pacific cod processing. Residents in Sand Point have to acquire commercial fishing permits to be able to participate in the fisheries.

The city completed a major rehabilitation of the Robert E. Galovin Small Boat Harbor in the summer of 2014. The harbor can hold more than 150 boats in permanent slips, as well as transient vessels. There is also a new boat harbor on the waterfront adjacent to the small boat harbor and City dock. This harbor was built by the Borough and Army Corps of Engineers, but does not have any floats.

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