Cold Bay

Passenger Service: PenAir offers scheduled passenger service six (6) times per week, Monday-Saturday.
Airport: Cold Bay Airport (State owned)
Distance from Anchorage = 626 miles
Approximate Travel Time = 2.5 hours
Runway(s): 10,180 ft. X 150 ft. and 6,235 ft. X 150 ft.

Cold Bay is a highly transient community, lacking the generational attachment characteristic of the surrounding native villages. Residents, drawn to the area largely by the Wildlife Refuge, the Weather Service or air traffic jobs, rarely stay more than a year in Cold Bay.

Cold Bay is located at 55°12′33″N 162°42′51″W / 55.20917°N 162.71417°W / 55.20917; -162.71417/. It is west of Hawaii.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 70.9 square miles, 54.4 square miles of which is land and 16.6 square miles of which is water.

At the 2000 census, there were 88 people, 36 households and 18 families residing in the city. The population density was 1.6 per square mile (0.6/km²).

Cold Bay holds the record for most overcast town in America

The Cold Bay School employed one teacher and served the community’s 4-9 students for the past several years. The Aleutians East Borough School District (AEBSD), School Board chose to close the Cold Bay School in May 2015. Despite its remote location, the school was involved in state and national activities, such as hosting the military’s “Operation Arctic Care” outreach health program in 2002, and by briefly becoming involved with reporting for CNN Student Bureau that same year.

The Bearfoot Inn

Cold Bay has one store, Bearfoot Inn Alaska, formerly known as the World Famous Weathered Inn. It supplies groceries to the residents of Cold Bay and other communities within the Aleutians East Borough, although many residents order groceries and supplies from suppliers in Anchorage and Seattle. The Bearfoot Inn also offers lodging with its 8-room hotel and 6-room bunk house. Within the main building there is the Bearfoot Inn Bar which is open 3-6 days a week depending on the season. Bearfoot Inn is within walking distance of the airport.

Cold Bay Lodge is the only restaurant in town. The lodge can accommodate up to 40 people, has wireless Internet access and is less than a mile from the airport.

A major community event is the Silver Salmon Derby, a fishing contest that takes place every fall. Participants vie in both adult and child categories for cash prizes for the largest fish. A raft race and “Polar Bear Jump” are also held. The Derby concludes with a banquet and door prize giveaway in the school gymnasium.

Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Cold Bay sits in the heart of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The 498,000-acre Izembek refuge was established in 1960. It encompasses several large lagoons, including the 30-mile Izembek Lagoon, which serves as a food source and shelter for a large migratory bird population.

Approximately 130,000 Pacific black brant, 62,000 emperor geese, 50,000 Taverner’s Canada geese, 300,000 ducks and 80,000 shore birds stop over in the Izembek area during migration and as many as 50,000 Steller’s eiders find winter grounds there.

(excerpts taken from,_Alaska April 2015)