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Peninsula Airways, Inc. (dba PenAir) Company Facts

PRESS RELEASE December 14, 2017


ANCHORAGE – PenAir is among the first air carriers in the United States and the only carrier headquartered in the state of Alaska to have received approval by the FAA for its Safety Management System (SMS). This approval and validation in achieving the highest safety verification in the industry shows their strong commitment to safety.

PenAir began implementing, the FAA mandated Safety Management System in 2010 as a voluntary pilot project. Now, per FAA regulation 14 CFR part 5, every air carrier in the United States is required to have an approved and accepted SMS by the FAA’s deadline of March 9, 2018. PenAir has been recognized by many external sources for its accident-free safety record and the continuous improvement of their safety culture.

“This has been a huge undertaking for us but we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Distinction through safety has been our emphasis and has driven our employees to be the very best when it comes to our #1 goal of – safety, safety, safety. Every employee has played a major role for the last seven years towards this distinction and it has paid off. It has been paramount in our daily operations and even in the daily lives of our employees. We are proud to be amongst the first in the nation, and the only regional carrier in Alaska, to receive this recognition for our outstanding and distinguished safety system,” says Sr. V.P. of Safety and Flight Ops, Brian Whilden.

What does this SMS program mean to the traveling public? With an SMS program, air carriers must assess and analyze potential hazards and then implement hazard controls and preventative maintenance to ensure that identified risks are mitigated to the lowest possible level. It means that the aviation industry is striving to be one of the safest industries in the country.

“Most recently we had our bi-annual audit by our codeshare partner, Alaska Airlines. The auditors completing the audit indicated they have done thousands of audits and indicated PenAir was one of the best they had seen. This is a direct reflection of our Safety Management System and the role it plays throughout our operations,” said Whilden. “Receiving these words of approval from Alaska Airlines as well as the FAA’s validation of our Safety Management System emphasizes our commitment to the safety of our customers and employees.”