Travel Advisories

TSA Traveler ID Requirements

 *11/14/14 - Effective Immediately - All passengers that appear eighteen or older, who check in without identification will be denied boarding.  No waivers or exceptions will be granted until further notice.  TSA requires a passenger to have a valid government issued ID to travel on FAR Part 121 air carriers (which includes PenAir). This requirement, according to the TSA Blog, can we waived if the person goes through an official TSA checkpoint.  The problem in Alaska is that most passengers do not travel through a TSA checkpoint going to/from rural Alaska. 

This law only impacts the two largest regional airlines in the state of Alaska.  PenAir has been working to get an Alaska exemption for this rule and have requested the help of our Alaska congressional delegation. We are waiting their assistance and will keep our customers informed.  In the meanwhile ALL passengers appearing to be eighteen or older must have proper government issued ID to check-in and travel.  We understand that this may be confusing for many of our passengers who have just traveled on a major airline to Anchorage (possibly without government issued ID), and are now denied boarding to go on to a rural location, most importantly their home.  Unfortunately, PenAir must follow the law.  PenAir takes safety and security seriously and are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Pavlof Volcano Activity

Due to the current activity of the Pavlof Volcano we advise travelers that flights down the Aleutian chain may be delayed or rescheduled.  Flights to date have experienced little disruption and cancellations; we still advise passengers to check the status of their flights for the most up to date information.

Passengers on flights affected by the delays or cancellations due to the volcanic activity will be re-accommodated on the next available flight.

Passengers wanting to check on the status of a flight may contact PenAir reservations at 1-800-448-4226.
PenAir dispatch and operations continue to monitor the situation and we will update this page with any new information.

Check the status of your flight here.

Thank you for your business. 

updated 6:00pm AST 11/16/14