Consumer Notices

Effective June 1, 2006

Boarding - 40 Minute Rule

To accommodate everyone wishing to travel on your flight, you must be checked-in and available to board at the designated boarding gate at least 40 minutes before posted departure. Failure to do so may cause the cancellation of reserved seats and cancellation of the entire reservation.

Notice - Overbooking of Flights

Airline flights may be overbooked, and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight for which a person has a confirmed reservation. If the flight is overbooked, no one will be denied a seat until airline personnel first ask for volunteers willing to give up their reservation in exchange for a payment of the airline's choosing. If there are not enough volunteers, the airline will deny boarding to other persons in accordance with its particular boarding priority. With few exceptions, persons denied boarding involuntarily is entitled to compensation. The complete rules for the payment of compensation and each airline's boarding priorities are available at all airport ticket counters and boarding locations.

Limits on liability for baggage

Each ticketed passenger traveling on a U.S. domestic trip is covered to a maximum of $1250 for damage or loss to non-excluded items checked on a PenAir flight or to a maximum of $3000 if connecting to another carrier on the same ticket. For most international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited to approximately $9.07 per pound for checked baggage and $400 per person for unchecked baggage. Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of valuable articles, but liability coverage extends to loss only.
The following items are not covered for loss or damage, and excess valuation cannot be purchased. These articles or similarly valuable items are carried at your risk, and should be packed in a carry-on bag if possible. Medication should always be in your carry-on bag.
  • Antiques, heirlooms
  • Art objects, sculptures.
  • Binoculars, telescopes, optical devices including eyeglasses.
  • Business contracts, documents.
  • Cameras, video and photographic equipment, camcorders, audio equipment, film, camera equipment, photographs.
  • Cash, currency.
  • Computers and related equipment
  • Game trophies, antlers, furs.
  • Historical artifacts
  • Irreplaceable books, publications, collectibles such as baseball cards.
  • Jewelry, watches.
  • Keys
  • Medication.
  • Negotiable papers.
  • Original manuscripts.
  • Personal electronic devices such as compact discs and video game cartridges.
  • Precious metals.
  • Sales samples.
  • Securities.
  • Silverware.

Advice to international passengers on limitation of liability

Passengers embarking upon a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are advised that the provisions of a treaty known as the Warsaw Convention may be applicable to their entire journey, including the portion entirely within the countries of departure and destination. The Convention governs and, in most cases, limits the libility of carriers to passengers for death or personal injury to approximately $10,000 additional protection can usually be obtained by purchasing insurance from a private company. Such insurance is not affected by any limitation of the carrier's liability under the Warsaw Convention. For further information please consult your airline or insurance company representative.

Guaranteed Airfare

To Qualify for Guaranteed Airfare:

  • You must be holding a fully unused ticket for flights operated by PenAir.
  • Itineraries that include any other airlines' flights are not eligible for Guaranteed Airfare.
  • You must find a lower fare available for the exact same flights, and dates of a ticketed reservation. You may not change to different flights and/or dates to qualify.
  • You must meet all requirements of the new fare, including advance purchase requirements on the date of the Guaranteed Airfare transaction, and change your ticket through or PenAir Reservations. Credits cannot be processed through a travel agent or other channel.
  • If you have a nonrefundable ticket, any difference in fare will be credited in the form of a credit voucher. Credit Vouchers are not redeemable for cash, check or gift certificates.  Credit voucher will be forfeited if obtained or used in an illegal or fraudulent manner, or through unauthorized persons or channels.
  • If you have a fully refundable ticket and you find a lower fare you will receive a refund to original form of payment.
  • Unpublished fares, award tickets or group discounts, tickets on codeshare, or other offline flights are not subject to the Guaranteed Airfare rule.
  • The guarantee applies to one-way or round-trip tickets, but the fare difference must be more than $10 one-way ($20 round-trip) inclusive of taxes and fees.
  • Values creditable under the Guaranteed Airfare rule are stated and calculated in U.S. dollars. PenAir reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions from time to time at their discretion.

Notice of Incorporated Terms

  • Air transportation to be provided by PenAir is subject to the individual terms of the transporting air carriers which are herein incorporated by reference and made part of the contract of carriage. Incorporated terms may include, but are not restricted to:
  • Limits on liability for personal injury or death.
  • Limits on liability for baggage, including fragile, valuable, or perishable goods and availability of excess valuation coverage. NOTE: PenAir is not responsible for the following items in checked or unchecked baggage: cameras, camcorders, any form of electronic, video, audio or photographic equipment, jewelry including watches, cash, currency, computers/related components, irreplaceable books, publications, securities, negotiable papers, business contracts or documents, antiques, heirlooms, keys, furs, medication, eyewear and similar high valued items. For a complete list of excluded items contact PenAir. In addition, we do not accept responsibility for the following: scratches, nicks, dirt, lost pull straps, broken telescoping handles, missing and broken wheels, and damage to and/or missing contents from over packed bags.
  • Claim restrictions, including time periods within which passengers must file a claim or bring an action against the air carrier.
  • Rights of the air carrier to change terms of the contract.
  • Rules about reconfirmation of reservations, check-in times, and refusal to carry.
  • Rights of the air carrier and limits on liability for delay or failure to perform service, including schedule changes, substitution of alternate air carriers or aircraft and rerouting.
  • For a free copy, write to PenAir, 6100 Boeing Ave, Anchorage, AK. 99502


Other Limitations

  • To the extent not in conflict with foregoing, carriage and other services performed by each carrier are subject to: (i) provisions contained in this notice, (ii) applicable tariffs, and (iii) carrier's conditions of carriage and related regulations which are made part hereof and are available upon application at the offices of carrier.
  • Checked baggage will be delivered to bearer of the baggage check.
  • This ticket is good for carriage for one year from date of issue, except as otherwise provided in this ticket, in carrier's tariffs, conditions of carriage, or related regulations. The fare for carriage hereunder is subject to change prior to commencement of carriage. Carrier may refuse transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid.
  • Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger and baggage with reasonable dispatch. Times shown in timetable or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. Carrier may without notice substitute alternate carriers or aircraft, and may alter or omit stopping places shown on the ticket in case of necessity. Schedules are subject to change without notice. Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections.
  • Passenger shall comply with Government travel requirements, present exit, entry and other required documents and arrive at airport by time fixed by carrier or, if no time is fixed, early enough to complete departure procedures.
  • No agent, servant or representative of carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.