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Extra Assistance 

Special Needs

PenAir wants your trip to be enjoyable. If you have any special requirements, you can let us know by calling 1.800.448.4226.

Children Traveling Alone

PenAir offers unaccompanied minor service on all of our flights in Alaska. This service includes controlled custody release and supervised connecting flight transfers as part of our commitment of service. Age and transfer requirements vary. Please contact PenAir reservations at 1.800.448.4226 for details.

Aircraft Accessibility

PenAir provides courtesy wheelchair service at our locations to assist you in boarding and exiting the aircraft. Specially designed aisle chairs are also available for easy access to your seat, along with fold up armrests on some seats. Seating for special needs passengers may be restricted by FAA regulations from emergency exit seating based on the ability of the person to open and operate an emergency exit.

Mobility Devices 

When small enough, mobility devices such as canes and walkers can be taken onboard the aircraft with you. If such a device cannot be stowed safely in the cabin, it will be tagged and placed in the cargo hold and returned to you promptly at your final destination.

Electric wheelchairs must be checked as baggage. Since batteries contain corrosive materials, they need to be disconnected and some will need to be removed and boxed for additional passenger safety. Providing written assembly instructions and allowing extra time at the gate will help us depart on schedule.

Pre-Planned Oxygen 

PenAir is approved to carry oxygen dispensing equipment onboard our aircraft for medical use on Alaska flights ONLY. Call PenAir reservations at 1.800.448.4226 for details.


The FAA certifies PenAir to carry stretchers onboard our aircraft for medical transport. To arrange for this service, please provide PenAir with a doctor's request through our reservations department at 1.800.448.4226.

Service and Emotional Support Animals 

Trained service animals which perform functions to assist a passenger with a disability are welcome onboard our aircraft. There is no charge for this service, and such animals are not required to be in kennels due to the nature of their work and training. Emotional support animals who provide assistance to passengers with psychiatric and neurological disabilities are also welcome on our aircraft when specific documentation is provided. For more information, see Service and Emotional Support Animals or call 1.800.448.4226.