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Airport Check In & Boarding

Arriving at the Airport, Checking In & Boarding

Passengers must adhere to the check-in guidelines below. This prevents delays for you and other passengers, and allows us to better accommodate bags for the scheduled departure. 

  • We recommend that all passengers check-in at least 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
  • Check-in closes at 40 minutes* prior to scheduled departure. Passengers who have not checked in by this time may lose their reserved seats and/or their entire reservation.
  • *In Denver, check-in closes at 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure.
  • Passengers must be at the boarding gate and available for boarding 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Being late may cause the cancellation of your reserved seats and/or your entire reservation.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if a passenger is aware of a published delay, they must still check-in at the scheduled departure time not the newly published departure time. If you elect not to check-in at the "scheduled departure" time it may cause cancellation of your seat and/or your entire reservation.  

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ONLINE CHECK-IN: Boarding passes on mobile devices cannot be read by TSA scanners. If you do not present a TSA-approved boarding pass at the TSA check-point, you will be directed by TSA back to the ticket counter which may result in a delay in your travel plans. TSA-approved boarding passes include:

  • Boarding passes printed at home (received via email)
  • Boarding passes received at the counter