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Airport: Unalakleet Airport (State owned)
Distance from Anchorage = 392 miles
Approximate Travel Time = 1 hour 40 minutes        
Runway(s): 5,900 ft. X 150 ft. and 1,900 ft. X 75 ft.

Unalakleet is an adaptation of the Iñupiaq word "Una-la-thliq" which means "from the southern side". Some Unalakleet residents were mistakenly told it meant "where the east wind blows."  At the 2010 census, the population was 688. Unalakleet is known in the region and around Alaska for its salmon  and king crab harvests. The residents rely heavily on caribou , ptarmigan , oogruk (b earded seal ) and various salmon species. Unalakleet is also known for its aesthetic value as it resides right next to the Bering Sea immediately next to a large, clean river ( Unalakleet River) and has trees, tundra and hills behind.

Unalakleet is located at the Norton Sound end of the Unalakleet-Kaltag Portage, an important winter travel route between Norton Sound and the Yukon River. Unalakleet has long been a major trade center between the Athabascans who lived in the interior of Alaska and the Inupiat who lived on the coast. The Russian-American Company built a trading post here at Unalakleet in the 1830s. Sami reindeer herders from Lapland were brought to Unalakleet to teach sound herding practices in 1898. In 1901, the United States Army Signal Corps built a 605-mile (974 km) telegraph line from St. Michael that passed through Unalakleet.

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