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Customer Commitment

Spirit of Alaska

"The Spirit of Alaska" is written on the side of every airplane in our fleet. That Alaskan spirit of helping others and of cooperation is what made this great state. Our commitment is to extend that friendly cooperative spirit throughout our company and provide our customers a level of service above the industry standard. PenAir is 100% committed to the safety and the well-being of our customers. Although safety is always paramount we are also committed to the highest level of service for our passengers.

PenAir has developed this plan to address customer service concerns of the traveling public. The purpose of this plan is to educate passengers about what they can expect from PenAir and to enhance the awareness of PenAir employees of their responsibilities in implementing this plan.

Providing the Lowest Fare
PenAir is committed to offering the lowest fare available to an eligible customer on PenAir's telephone reservations system for the date, flight and applicable class of service requested. Our computer system automatically quotes the lowest fare available. If your travel dates and times are flexible, please advise the reservations agent of your alternate choices so our agents will be able to assist you in locating the lowest fare possible for your travel.

Best Fare Commitment:

If you make a reservation via, our Reservations Call Center, or our airport locations and then find a lower fare is advertised, you may receive a refund of the difference between the purchased fare and the lower, advertised fare.

To qualify:

  • Passenger must have a fully unused ticket for any flight operated by PenAir.
  • oExcluding – Flights to/from Dutch Harbor (DUT).
  • Itinerary must be solely on PenAir. If segments from another carrier are part of the itinerary, this policy does not apply.
  • Passenger must find a lower fare available for the exact same flights and dates of ticketed reservation. Passenger may not change to different flights and/or dates to qualify.
  • Original ticket purchase must be made through, our Reservations Call Center or airport locations. If ticket was purchased through another outlet, this policy does not apply.
  • Difference between fare paid and the new fare will be refunded to original form of payment.
  • Corporate fares, Group fares, Donation or Non-Profit, or any other special program tickets are not eligible for this policy.
  • PenAir reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time at their sole discretion.

Changes and Cancellations Permitted within 24 Hours of Purchase
Effective March 1st, 2017 reservations made via, our reservation call center, or our airport locations require immediate purchase. Reservations may be changed once, or canceled and refunded, within 24 hours of original purchase without penalty. Call our Reservations department to change or cancel your reservation. Reservations made online may be canceled on or by calling our Reservations department. Changes and cancelations must be made within 24 hours of booking; otherwise a penalty may apply. If canceled within 24 hours, a refund will be processed to the original form of payment.

Extra Assistance
For information regarding passengers requiring extra assistance, including children traveling alone or passengers traveling with service animals, please review the extra assistance page.

PenAir sells both refundable and non-refundable tickets. Tickets needing to be refunded should be returned to the original location of purchase, such as any PenAir ticket office, or if purchased from a travel agent, the agency office. PenAir will refund eligible tickets purchased directly from PenAir within 7 business days for credit card purchases and within 20 business days for cash purchases from receipt of the refund request. Refunds may be subject to a change fee. Ticket refund applications are available at all PenAir ticket offices. Refunds will be credited to the original purchaser and made in the original form of payment.

A non-refundable ticket is not eligible for a refund, however, the value of a completely unused ticket may be applied to future travel on PenAir up to one year from the original purchase date. Changes made for future travel with a non-refundable ticket may be subject to a change fee. For a partially used ticket, the ticket's value toward future travel is reduced by the value of the flown portion of your trip, and may still be subject to a change fee.     

Animal Acceptance
PenAir accepts animals on board our flights as long as the customer complies with all the health, permit and vaccination requirements when traveling with a pet. PenAir also accepts kennels that meet USDA standards and guidelines. For more information call 1.800.448.4226

Flight Delays and Cancellations
We are committed to passenger safety. With that in mind, you can rest assured we don't take unnecessary risks when it comes to customer safety. Occasionally this means a delayed or cancelled flight that prevents you from arriving at your destination as planned. Any time this occurs, we do our best to assist you.

Timely Information
Whether in the air or on the ground, PenAir will provide up-to-the-minute and accurate information available during a delay, cancellation or flight diversion. We will work to efficiently make decisions behind the scenes to minimize your delay and get you to your destination as soon as possible. Whenever possible, we will re-book you on the next available flight, even if that flight is not on PenAir.

When Traveling On More Than One Airline
When planning a trip, it is wise to purchase all travel on the same ticket. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and all affected flight segments are on one ticket, interline rules permit us to reroute you on other airlines. If you are traveling on more than one ticket, we will be happy to contact another airline on your behalf, but are unable to guarantee your connecting travel on other airlines. If the delay has altered your plans, we will gladly reschedule your flight for another day.

Weather Exceptions
When your flight delay or cancellation involves weather, we will do all possible to reroute you. If a flight cancellation means you have to overnight in one of the communities we serve, we will assist you to the extent possible. However, PenAir is not liable for expenses incurred such as meals, hotels and local transportation.

Extended Delays
In the event of an extended delay, we will make every effort to keep you informed on the status of your flight. If we are aware of a delay exceeding 60 minutes, the aircraft will not be boarded until the flight can depart. If the aircraft has already been boarded and the delay exceeds 60 minutes, all efforts will be made to return to the terminal.

Overbooking of Flights
PenAir overbooks flights because people with reservations often do not show up. Whenever a flight is overbooked and more passengers show up than we have seats available, we will solicit volunteers to give up their seats. The selection of volunteers is at our discretion. If you are a volunteer and your seat is not needed, you will be boarded on your original flight. If your seat is needed, you will be given a voucher good for a free PenAir round trip ticket and you will be booked on the next available flight.

Involuntary Denied Boarding
Situations may arise when the weight of passengers and bags who have checked in, plus the addition of fuel loads that vary with weather can cause the maximum allowed weight of the aircraft to be reached before all passengers have been boarded. Since these events are not within the control of PenAir, denied boarding compensation may not be offered. Though extremely rare, under these circumstances, the last customer(s) to check in will be denied boarding. A free round-trip ticket may be provided to such passengers, and we will make every effort to accommodate you on the next available flight. Depending on the circumstances, we may provide lodging and meals at our discretion, though we are not obligated to do so.

Qualifying for Compensation
To qualify for denied boarding compensation of any kind, you must be checked in at least 40 minutes prior to departure. Customers who are unable to meet check-in time requirements are not eligible for denied boarding compensation, but can stand by for later flights that same day at no charge.

Reconfirming When Your Plans Change
If you decide to change your travel plans, please let us know so we can protect your reservation. If you do not show for your flight, the computer automatically cancels the remainder of your itinerary. The logic is that if you did not fly on one leg of your trip, you cannot be in the departure city of your next leg.

Returning Your Checked Luggage
PenAir will make every reasonable effort to return your checked baggage within 24 hours when delayed. PenAir will also attempt to contact any customer whose unclaimed, unchecked luggage contains a name and address or telephone number. In this case, any PenAir representative will provide the best available information to the location, time and return of the baggage. We recommend that passengers place a business card or nametag inside their luggage as well as on the outside. For information concerning lost or delayed luggage, visit our Baggage section in Fly with Us.

Placing Value On Your Checked Luggage
PenAir will reimburse up to $1,250 USD for damage or loss for non-excluded items checked on any PenAir flight. If the value of your non-excluded checked items exceeds $1,250 USD, excess valuation can be declared at the time of check-in and purchased for $1.00 per every $100 dollars of declared value.

Many items are excluded from coverage because they are not suitable for checked luggage (computers, cameras, binoculars, valuable jewelry, glass items, medication, etc.). A description of such items can be obtained, in the Delayed or Lost Baggage section of this website. A list is also posted at the ticket counter and gate areas for your convenience.

Mileage Plan Participation
PenAir participates in Alaska Airlines' frequent flier program. Alaska Airlines Miles are awarded for travel on most PenAir flights. The following documents are available from the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan office at 1.800.654.5669 or at