Reservations: 800.448.4226 Cargo: 907.771.2642 Consumer Affairs: 907.717.3190 Corporate: 907.771.2500

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    About PenAir

    Peninsula Airways, Inc. (dba PenAir) Company Facts

    PenAir, founded in 1955 by Orin Seybert in Pilot Point, Alaska, is one of the oldest family owned airlines in the United States. The airline is also one of the largest regional airlines in Alaska and the Northeast U.S., and one of the largest operators of Saab 340 aircraft in the US.

    Cities Served

    Alaska (to/from Anchorage)

    • Cold Bay
    • Dillingham
    • King Salmon
    • Sand Point
    • St. Paul
    • Dutch Harbor (Alaska Airlines service provided by PenAir)

    Company Facts

    • Type of airline: Regional, U.S. carrier.
    • Relative size of airline: second largest regional carrier in Alaska.
    • Founded: 1955, in Pilot Point, Alaska by Orin Seybert.
    • Headquarters: Anchorage, Alaska.
    • Ownership: privately/family owned.
      • CEO: Danny Seybert
      • President: Scott Bloomquist
      • COO: David Richards
    • Hubs:
      • Anchorage, Alaska
      • Boston, Massachusetts  - Ground Ops Handling
    • Number of PenAir employees: approximately 500.
    • Total destinations: 8 (Unalaska marketed by Alaska Airlines)
    • Fleet:
      • Saab 340
      • Saab 2000

       (updated 10.18.18)