In booking east coast travel can I make a reservation down line (from PQI or PBG) to my final destination all in one record?

Yes, you definitely can when you are traveling on PenAir and either Alaska Airlines, United, or Delta. 

How do I book a reservation from/to PQI or PBG to my final destination?

There are several different ways you can book your entire trip in one record.
     1. Call the PenAir Reservations Center at 800-448-4226
     2. Call your friendly local travel agency (see our Partners & Links page for links to travel agencies in your area)
     3. You can call United,  Delta, or Alaska Airlines direct to make your reservations
     4. You can book reservations online thru:
          •  (limited to direction)
          • (limited to direction)

How do I know I’m getting the best travel deal I can?

Wow, that’s a tough one!  There are a lot of choices out there for the consumer when it comes to traveling.  Spend time researching on any of the online booking agencies to determine your route of choice, the time you have at each connecting point and what the rules are involved in the price you are getting for your ticket.  It’s much like shoe shopping; you might have to try on a number of shoes before you find the perfect fit. 

When I check in at a ticket counter can I get a boarding pass for all my legs of travel?

Good Question!  PenAir is not able to provide you with a boarding pass for each leg of travel but you can:
     • Print your boarding passes before you leave home (will vary depending on how ticket was booked.  Check connecting carrier’s website) – or
     • Receive a boarding pass at a kiosk or ticket counter of your connecting carrier - or
     • Collect a boarding pass at the gate of your connecting flight
     It’s just that EASY!

Will you contact me if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

We will do our very best!  If a flight departure is delayed by fifteen (15) or more minutes or cancelled a PenAir representative will phone the contact number provided at the time of reservation. We will also contact you if a flight has a change of schedule.

Please note that if you book through a travel agent or an online booking engine (i.e. Expedia) is is their contact number that is in our records.  We do contact the agent or agency but then they have to contact you.  You can supply us with your phone number after booking with an agent or online agency and then we will contact you in the event of a departure delay or cancellation.  Simply email us at or call Reservations at 1-800-448-4226 and include your name, date of travel, flight number, and contact phone number and email address.



Will you transfer my bags down line when I check in at your ticket counter?

Sure, we’d love too, IF your reservations are all in one record and your connecting carrier is Alaska Airlines, United, or Delta.

PLEASE NOTE:  Not all airlines will transfer your bags all the way through to your final destination if your travel is not all in one record and does not show up in their respective computers.  We cannot guarantee that your bags will be checked all the way thru when your travel originates with another carrier.  Make sure you know if they are transferring them or not and be prepared to have to pick up your bags and check them back in with your connecting carrier. 

Can I collect mileage on your airline for future travel?

We love those airlines miles, don’t you?  We don’t have a mileage program of our own but we have a GREAT partner that does.  You can collect miles on Alaska Airlines for future travel on Alaska Airlines or any of their codeshare partners, including PenAir.  You must be an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ member prior to travel to collect those miles, so sign up now so you can present your mileage number upon check-in.  Click on our Partners & Links in the bottom menu area of our home page for more information.

Are you a codeshare partner with any other airlines?

We do have a codeshare agreement with Alaska Airlines on all of our flights.  We have proudly been a codeshare partner with Alaska Airlines since 1991 in Alaska.  As of June 9, 2013 we have also added all of our eastcoast cities to the codeshare. 

Boston Logan International Airport is HUGE, how do I know where to go?

It’s actually easier than you think.  Depending on your connecting carrier you may have to go outside of TSA to another concourse and thru TSA again; but, if you take your time and enjoy your journey it’s not really that bad.  It’s a great time to people watch!  Click here for a detailed map and layout of the Boston Logan Airport.

How much time do I need to get from one flight to another at Boston Logan International Airport?

Legal domestic connecting time is 40 minutes at BOS; however we highly recommend when making your travel plans to think about 1 – 1.5 hours to connect.  Why get all stressed and rush through your day? 
Take your time, enjoy it!